CONSUME | vegan docs

After years of mostly wearing low quality, cheap-ass shoewear, I decided to splurge some cash on a proper pair of shoes. I got Dr. Martens, the iconic babes, but in a vegan version. You would never tell a difference, both in the way they look and the quality of the shoes. One step further to a guilt-free lifestyle, yay!

Unfortunately, as all Docs, you have to 'break' them at first, and even these ones hurt as hell now. May the huge pile of plasters I have ease my pain, haha!


  1. perfect shoes! btw..posted 4:20? purpose?

    1. there's no purpose / hidden intention behind it, just the time when i finished writing the post and put it out...

      should there be sth behind it?

  2. Jsou úúúžasný! Taky mám Martensky a s tou bolestí zezačátku vážně rozumím. :D


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