CONSUME | disappointed

I had stumbled upon this diary on Tumbr so many times before but only last week I found out that it was an actual thing you could buy. (it's sometimes very hard to differ art and regular products, don't you think?) Of course I immediately ordered it - the cynical me was beyond stoked from all the de-motivational quotes, personal SWOT analysis (with extra pages for weaknesses), notable deaths, imaginary friends / enemies sections, 'Blue Monday' stickers and so much more that this masterpiece of black humor contains.

A diary full of bitterness for a girl full of bitterness. A perfect match.


  1. hahaha :D tak toto je skvelé! pre kamošku by to bol vhodný darček :)

  2. toto chcem, je to úžané;DD

  3. plný optimizmu (alebo realneho optimizmu) :D Ale hodil by sa mi :)


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