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Think buying eco, vegan, non-tested cosmetics is hard? Well, it sure is and at the same time, it's not at all. So, to help you out there, here's a list of my fav products that proved to be working over the years I've been using them, all of them quite easily scored in shops for affordable prices. And don't worry, this is not turning into a cosmetic blog, haha.

Do YOU have some recommendations for me?  Some cool, kickass, conscious brand that I just have to know about? Tell me, pleeease!

Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Milk - The best best best smell ever. I'd love to eat it. Other Original Source products are awesome too!
Alverde Vanilla and Tangerine Shower Gel - Perfect for winter times!
Freeman Guava Salt Scrub - I want to eat that one too. I really do.
Coconut Oil - Who needs body lotions when you can just use this extremely awesome product of nature? It smells good, it tastes good (yes, you can also use it for cooking), the price is good. Woohoo!
Urtekram Deo Crystal Roll On - Deo crystals are 1000 times better than regular deodorants because they don't fill your body with any nasty stuff, and the ones from Urtekram are the best in my opinion. I've tried the Rose and Eucalyptus one and both were / are great!

Urtekram Rose Shampoo for Normal Hair - Urtekram is a cool Danish brand and when in Denmark, one's gotta be proud of / buy anything Danish, right. Your hair will smell like a huge bouquet of roses, yay!
Lavera Apple Shampoo - I've been using this one for ages already (with some occasional breaks) and I can't stress out how good it is. It leaves a supernice fresh and juicy smell.
Lavera Colour&Shine Shampoo - Juicy mango and a proper care for hair damaged from extensive hair dying. AKA for my hair.
The Body Shop shampoos are also pretty nice but they usually contain honey which sort of ruins the vegan part of this post, uh oh.
Lush solid shampoo bars are perfect for travelling but I wouldn't recommend them for everyday use.
Alverde Aloe Vera and Hibiscus Hair Care - Another way of bringing my damaged hair back to life.
Puerology Colour Stylist - Heat protection for coloured hair, the best thing ever. Smells like cherry blossom, even better! This one is a bit pricey and only available on Amazon but it's definitely worth it.

Alverde Mint Toothpaste - I've tried a lot of eco toothpastes but they usually taste like shit, not this one though. A mouthwash with the same taste is available too!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Bar - It's small and solid and you can take it basically anywhere with you. After using it, you'll immediately get a feeling of a superfresh ad clean skin. Can make it a bit too dry though.
Lush Ocean Salt Peeling - I simply love it. I don't love when the salt gets to my mouth though.
Freeman Apricot Facial Creamy Scrub - Soft and creamy.
Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner - Will leave your skin fresh fresh fresh. What's more?
Lavera Pore Refining Moisturizing Fluid - I've been using this one since I was 15 I guess and I don't think I'll ever change it. It's really good for a mixed type of skin just like I have, it doesn't leave neither dry nor too oily. The mint smell isn't the nicest but I sort of got used to it.
Alverde Wild Rose Wet Wipes - I usually go through the 3-step clean-tone-moisturize face care ritual but when I'm too tired / too drunk, I just stick to these when I need to remove my make-up.

/ I am a real minimalist when it comes to decorative cosmetics - I only use eye and lip liners plus black nail polish; and that's it. So, if you are striving for some other make-up tips, you'll have to head somewhere else.
Barry M Lip Liners - Once I discovered these, I completely stopped using lipsticks. They are matte, long-lasting, colour-intensive and when wearing them, you don't feel like your lips are coated in a weird sticky paint. My fav is the red one of course.
Barry M Eyeliner - Just a regular black eyeliner, nothing special. Lasts quite long.
e.l.f. Black Nail Polish - Super cheap and long-lasting
Barry M Silver Nail Polish - I actually use it more for decorative purposes rather than for my nails, but whatever. It's the only silver nail polish I've ever found that doesn't contain glitter.
Hurraw Lip Balms - There are plenty of eco lip balms but these are just brill! I've tried Coconut, Vanilla, Black Cherry, Green Tea, Almond and Grapefruit and all of them were extremely tasty.

Le Blanc Floral Perfumes - They have a whole range of perfumes smelling like every flower you can imagine and I think I love them a bit too much than I should. I use the Rose (yes, I do have a special thing for rose-scented stuff) and Jasmine ones and they are just perfect. The only bad thing is that they leak a bit sometimes and then my lip liner tastes a lot like a flower, ew.
The Body Shop White Musk - My everyday choice. It's fresh and soft and gives you this weird but nice clean feeling.
Lush Furze Gorilla Perfume - My perfume for very very special occasions. Floral and fruity at the same time.

DM Drogerie Markt - The easiest and cheapest way. You can find absolutely anything in their Alverde range; toothpaste, body milk, special haircare, face care for any kind of skin, sunscreen, make up,..., for such low prices it's crazy. Combined with their Alnatura food products (the product range in Germany is UNBELIEVABLE), it makes DM the number one spot for such shopping.
Lush - The coolest. Everything is fresh and the staff has a lot of knowledge about each product. When I was younger, I'd ask for one of their Christmas gift boxes each year.
The Body Shop - I try to shop there as little as I can as it belongs to the L'Oreal Group which is one of the most evil ones, but hey, the original idea of non-tested and natural cosmetics is still there!
Urtekram - Available in every Bilka / Føtex / Netto supermarket in Denmark but also online (CZ webshop). Also offers a great food range.
Belladonna Kreuzberg - It's like a small heaven for eco perfume lovers. They sell a lot of other products too, including candles and other home stuff, and the staff is always very nice and helpful.
Alnatura stores - Almost the same as DM but has wider range of decorative cosmetics.
mojesminky.cz - Good for Barry M and other make-up brands. No shipping fees in CZ, yay!


  1. super super!
    ja som dlho pouzivala pastu glister a velmi mi vyhovovala ale vobec neviem dohladat ci je vegan/ asi skor ne :/ a teraz hladam nejaku inu pastu tak skusim tu obyc alverde diky za tip!
    ach a lush! najlepsi len ta cena je trochu vyssia :( maju najsuper linky na oci!

  2. yeey, to je bezva!
    ja ted ve skotsku porad nakupuju v superdrug, ta jejich znacka ma vsechno veganske a netestovane, spreje na vlasy, suche sampony a dokonce i ziletky, peny na holeni, laky na nehty!!!, odlakovac, vsechnu dekorativni kosmetiku :) taky v marks and spencer maji vsechno netestovane a body mists nebo ruzne lotions a sprchace navic super voni..a az budu mit penize tak si mozna obcas zajdu i do body shopu nebo lushe a dopreju si trochu 'luxusu'
    taky o tom brzo planuju udelat clanek ;)

  3. do mych oblibenych patri jeste balzamy crazy rumors - prisaham na ne! a ceska manufaktura. jo a tajnej tricek pro citlivou plet je ruzova voda.

  4. great things you have!!! Love face products!

  5. I have lemon shower gel from OS, amazing smell!!! Or the other day I bought ginger smell, perfect for mornings!

  6. Super, díky moc! A co Yves Rocher, ty jejich věci označené zeleným bodem?



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