ANALOGUE | disposable oct

After completely neglecting my Olympus [mju:] baby for my whole stay in Berlin, the analogue posts are back, yay! October may still not be over (even though November is just a few hours away) but my film already is - and it's also developed and all ready fo you now! 

This time, I also got the printed photos because there simply was no option. (even when you just want a CD, you still have to get the printed versions here, lame) Probably the first time after a few years of actually being really able to see the pics right in the shop, flip through them endlessly and then put them on the wall straight away. I forgot how nice it all felt.

01: skulls at Anna-Lena's and Caterina's home
02: Célia in the bathroom
03: uni projects
04: Stine caught mid-selfie
05: riot don't diet
06: tastiest tempeh ever
07: schooltime still life
08: Célia in Tübingen's tunnel
09: markt
10: frozen berries
11: pretzel lovers
12: LOL
13: way to Hauptbahnhof
14: Volage. the band that saved our lives (more here)
15:pre-party on the balcony
16: no means no ♀


  1. ty LOL :D haha
    super fotky toho tvojo kompu!

  2. úplne si chcem kúpiť nejaký fotak na film, ako sa na to dívam!


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