ANALOGUE | disposable jul

Let's make a tiny analogue recap of the month I spent in CZ. It was nice, busy, stressful, psychically harmful, relaxed - all that at once. Full of meetings with friends and family, daytrips, cultural events, good food and sitting in cafes. You treated me well, Czechia.

Today is my last day of staying here. Coming back I-don't-know-when. It's getting harder and harder to leave each time, especially when you know how many turbulent things are ahead of you, but these are the things that are worth living for, aren't they?

(CZ) koruny / (DE / ESP / AT) euros / (DK) kroner / (SE) kronor
A+ typography
pičárna, okayyy
deep thoughts
green green green
cherry lemonade
picnic w/ Viki /// leftover watermelon
lampshade monster
morning snack
my beautiful BFF
tattoo decor
towel from the 90s

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  1. hezké fotky :))



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