ANALOGUE | disposable jun

Going back to the past. Going back to June, when I stressed out too much, fucked up quite a few things, partied a lot, hurt some people, ate a lot, said goodbye to many nice people and had a great time with my awesome Czech friends. Going back to June, the last month of living in DK of the whole 2014.

Pawel the DJ

the day when I was sad and angry and bought two packages of vegan ice cream and ate them with Gabi while sitting on the floor of my room and listening to music

food party at our place

red wine, fresh figs and Italian handmade sweets

pre-exam mess

candle-lit nights

Friday bar at Kontrast

pre-exam breakfast

Pawel the model

romantic evening walk to the local bakery's dumpster

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  1. Hi! I was wondering where you bought the white and black checkered duvet. The one photographed with the granola and fruit. You have a lovely blog! Cheers


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