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I have somehow accepted the fact that I will probably get raped one day. Because I am, based on common society's opinion, asking for it. Short skirts, lots of make up, see through clothes, going home alone at night, drinking, being a girl; all this would make me 'responsible' for my potential rape. 

But even though I know all this, I'm not gonna stay at the safe and non-sexist home and I'm not gonna cover every inch of my skin to prevent the assault from happening, and none of you girls should. I am not an object, I am a human being, therefore I deserve the right to do / wear anything that makes me comfortable, and I will do so till the end of my life. And meanwhile, unfortunately, I have to rely on these few helpers:

pocket knife - I'm always wondering if I'd really have the guts to actually stab / cut someone. It's always in my bag anyway, just to be sure, plus it can be handy in many other, less dangerous situations.
pepper spray - I carry it everywhere, 24/7. It's illegal in Denmark but I'd rather get sued for breaking the law than being raped / killed. By the way, isn't it sad and alarming how many girls are getting pepper sprays for Christmas from their parents? 
cellphone - Fake phone calls, anyone? Pretending you're talking to someone to show that you're not alone, probably everyone has been through that. Also, 112 on quick dial!
bottle - Of course you don't have to carry it all the time, but it can turn into a nice helper when you're heading to a party and bringing your own booze. Wine bottles are the best, but beer or any other ones will do too.
keys - The mostly advised thing. Actually, you would have to get pretty close to the attacker to harm him with them so they're not that useful, but you can at least scratch the fucker's face when some harm is already being done to you so it's easier to recognize him later on.
'fuck off' - I got sick of ignoring all those remarks and looks. I am just fucking-off everyone these days and even though I'm actually getting myself into a bigger trouble, I don't wanna be silent and pretend nothing's happening, not anymore, because that only encourages the sick harassing men to continue in such manners and actually gives them a sign that it is nothing wrong, which, of course, is not. 
riot grrrl & 'no' pins - These are a little pre-warnings for every dickhead trying to do some bullshit thing to me. Or at least they would be in an ideal world, because let's face it, most people don't know what a 'riot grrrl' is / means and 'no' is not usually widely accepted as an answer in such cases. But still, I take a great pride in wearing them, no matter how few people acknowledge them.

And now try to tell me that feminism is not needed these days, I dare you.


  1. Haha I've never got a pepper spray nor I own one. But I carry a knife twice as big.
    But overall, yeah, I feel like the only way is to get "I don't owe you anything" tattooed on my forehead as I'm growing tired of the so called attention ...

  2. Nesnáším řeči, že tím, jak se oblíkám jako bych hlásila "chci to". Nechápu proč to, jak se holka oblíká by se mělo vztahovat k opačnýmu pohlaví. Oblíkám se pro sebe, oblíkám se tak, jak se mi to líbí a v čem se cítím pohodlně.

  3. presne, splnuju vsechny podminky ktery jsi psala, kazdopadne peprak porad po kapsach tak se tomu snad vyhnu (btw jestli to je v dansku nelegalni a jestli jsi letela tak jaktoze se ti to podarilo schovat?)

    1. nechala jsem si ho poslat v balicku! haha. a stejne, v kufru by mi to proslo preciii

    2. nevim obcas prolejzaj i kufry ne? whatever, nechapu proc to tam maj zakazany, je tam mensi mnozstvi pripadu znasilneni?


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