ANALOGUE | disposable feb 1/2

February was rather nice. Housewarmings, food parties, flea markets, working in Kontrast, little school work, occasional drama, first signs of spring. But I'm glad it's finally gone anyway.

Aarhus Uni in Herning
veggie burger bufet made by Maria, the lovely and talented lady (check out the awesome concrete desk too!)
in Maria's room
banana ice cream (by Maria again) and Sonja!
an offer you can't refuse!
taking a picture of my friend's wooden bowtie: unsuccessful
free magazine!
pretty ladies w/ pretty cupcakes
cheerful designer is as cheerful as the skirt made by him, yay!
these are student dorms. no kidding.
hardcore brainstorming
risotto w/ dried tomatoes + balsamico glazed green beans


  1. super! první si snad dam na tapetu <3

  2. skvela ta uni v aarhuse <333
    ale vsetko! velmi atmosfericke)))

  3. ta první je fakt skvělá! a dorms taky mega! a vůbec všechny super :)

  4. ta první <3 <3 <3 uaaah!
    Maria je úžasná! asi si taky udělám něco concrete v pokoji!

  5. tie tvoje analogovky sú najlepšie :)


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