ANALOGUE | disposable jan + feb

Okay, I'm completely out of the rhythm and my 'month in 36 pics' concept is not working at all, but let's pretend it actually goes along the calendar and what not.

Anyway, the first month after my return to DK has been both fun and dreadful, boring and exciting, sunny and rainy; basically everything you can imagine. The six months in Herning milestone was also marked on Valentine's Day, wow. Well, see yourself, no one wants to read this bullshit anyway, right?

got a free drink in shopping centre, woop woop!
baking is a lot of fun, obviously
exotic food from teeny tiny Asian shop
Belgian beer-champagne ♥
my flatmate = homemade orange juice fairy
what happens when you accidentally have 5 kg of carrots at a time: 7 carrots a day = fun
a lot of beauty for free
pre-exam time
Estonian chocolate!
don't cha wish your flatmate was nice like me!
the yummiest and loveliest cereals ever
early spring!
the best tea ever directly from China


  1. Chci Tě okamžitě za spolubydlící!!! :D

  2. ty maš vždy super fotky. talent no :)

  3. taky chci, aby můj stůl vypadal takhle kůl! (pff, trapná básnička, hlavně bych totiž chtěla, abych se začala v pre-exam čase taky učit :D)
    a jinak všechno bezva a na čerstvou pomerančovou šťávu mám teď fakt chuť!!!

  4. Oh my, dat estonian chocolate... is damn good!!! Jealous. Just a bit.

  5. Super fotky! Batůžek a mikina! Jídlo! <3 Ty jsi používala kosmetiku od stop the water while using me, že? Jaká se ti zdá? Vyplatí se do ní investovat?

  6. Super pocet sledovatelu 1111 :D Diky, za dalsi super zprostredkovani sveho zivota v Dansku, fotky jsou top. A co to je to uprostred na fotce s exotic food??? :)


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