ANALOGUE | disposable 1/2 feb

I almost forgot about the other part analogue pics, oops. By the way, I've already shot 3/4 of a new film in about 2 weeks, so expect new chapters of this photo diary coming soon!

And have a nice weekend, sweeties!

I felt fancy and spent 120 kroner on a concert ticket - and it was totally worth it!
after-exam treats
seriously, check out Supercharger from CPH!
sunlit Herning is so pretty
we currently have 8 Yogi teas at home and 5 of them are mine. oh well.
boozy lemonade and Bukowski
vegan heaven
making my first bramboráky ever!
family dinner w/ Czech traditional food
wholewheat love
the lovely view from the other side of bar in Kontrast ♥


  1. nom,mám akosi chuť na tie sanpellegrino nápoje..život v Dánsku vyzerá byť taký super :)

  2. to s tým bukowským nemá chybu ;)

  3. I love your blog :) http://blossomeffy.blogspot.sk/


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