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I'm sure you've already made a list of all the cool things you're gonna buy with the money you'll get for Christmas, all those fancy clothes, CDs, books, concert tickets, cosmetics and all this oh-so-awesome stuff, but before you actually purchase it all, stop and think a little. Do you really need all the stuff? Can't you carve out just a little amount of money and send it to someone who REALLY needs it? It doesn't have to be a fortune, even a few bucks can make a difference. Seriously.

Don't you think I'm only moralizing you without doing anything - I've also donated! 20$ to the charity: water, the Depeche Mode's campaign in particular. And I hope I'll be able to do more after today! :)

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  1. Good point... I donate too but my cuddly toys, mostly looking like new (I keep the old one, i have bond to them)... so... at least that. I think children from creche would be happier with them... :)


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