LET'S DANCE | off festival 2013

1-2-3-4, get ready for a looong post. We've already discussed that most of this year's festivals are shit and the line ups are all the same, but OFF really is an exception. Cool new bands, variety of genres (you can literally go to see Finnish glam rock after Japanese metal and top it up with American electro, whoa), cheap tickets, located in a forest, clean etc. It's really small - there are only four stages (there are always only 2 bands playing at the same time but it's somehow enough) and the journey time from one to another spans from 10 seconds to 3 minutes, ha. Everything and everyone is so nice it's easy to forget about the drink and food restrictions (there's a special catering area but luckily this year it was allowed to bring the drinks outside of it) and expensive alcohol (150 ml of wine for 10 zl, what? I had to drink it all in a minute to at least feel something. for like 5 minutes), but you know, there always have to be some downsides, don't they?

Friday: Mikal Cronin (punk love songs), Dope Body (psychedelic hardcore, even better than in Brussels), part of Cloud Nothings (okay indie), The Soft Moon (cool Death in Vegas-y electro), Girls against Boys (Sonic Youth alike), 3 secs at Nite Jewel and Peanut Butter Wolf (too much electro), The Pop Group (punkers with beer bellies), 1/2 of The Smashing Pumpkins (uh huh, I couldn't stand the oh-I'm-such-a-sexy-pin-up-girl bassist)

Saturday: Trupa Trupa (Polish rock'n'roll), Metz Q&A, roasting in the sun while waiting for Metz, Metz (the best gig of the whole festival, ♥♥♥, the crowd was WILD), Merchandise (rock'n'roll!), Brutal Truth (death metal, my fav song was called 'I Killed My Family'), 3 songs at The Walkmen (I don't know maaan), Godspeed You! Black Emperor (wall of noise & sound), Zeni Geva (Japanese metal, biggest surprise ever), 1 song at Circle (Finnish glam rock at 3 AM, too tired to live)

Sunday: Gówno (Polish punk), waiting for Japandroids w/ the yummiest vegan coconut cake, Japandroids (I've never seen that many crowd surfers + someone almost broke my finger, yay), Fucked Up (hardcore, one big mosh pit, shout out to the guy who hugged me afterwards w/o any obvious reason!), Thee Oh Sees (wiiild), Deerhunter (okay okay), Eric Copeland (dancey nicey), My Bloody Valentine (great - but 'it is not allowed to take any pictures during the show', like really? wtf), crying on the way back home

UFO outside our hotel window

Hotel Katowice (big HIYA to my festival friend who was staying at the same floor!)

Dope Body

vegan pancake w/ spinach & tofu + south indian soup

1 kg / 1 zl (6 CZK)

Metz Q&A. I got my program signed afterwards, yay


post-Metz dusty tee

vegan orgasm!


Thee Oh Sees


  1. úplne by som sa s tebou išla vyskákať do prvého radu! off je strašne super fest, taký fakt alternatívny a ako som pozerala lístky tak cenovo boli viac než v pohode
    a musím povedať, že strašne sa mi páči, že všade chodíte spolu s rodinou, na výlety aj festivaly :)

  2. ta cena toho melounu ? skvely skvely skvely

  3. Budu divná, když napíšu, že nejvíc se mi líbí ty dobroty? :D
    A už jsem asi zblblá z těch Skins, ale na páté fotce zezdola máš pohled jako Effy. ;)

  4. závidím Mikala Cronina! a je fakt skvělý, kolik věcí podnikáš s rodičema :)

  5. Týjo, ta ulice vedle "ufa" vypadá perspektivně fakt zajímavě! :) Jinak ti to sluší, vypadáš kruťácky!


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