A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation
by Martin Wallner and Stefan Leuchtenberg

'After the death of his father, a young man hopes to learn how to cope with his loss by venturing out on a powerful emotional journey through time and space.'

Seen at the 'The interfilm Festival turns 30!' event at Urban Spree a few weeks ago. I cried.


REMIX | bedtime confessions

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I like sleeping in my underwear.
I don't mind other people sleeping in my bed but I don't like sleeping in other people's beds.
Unless really wasted / super-tired, I never go to bed w/o brushing my teeth and washing my face.
I prefer to go to bed late. And wake up late.
I've been having nightmares every single day over the past few weeks.
At home, I usually wear a sleep mask because it makes it easier for me to fall asleep.
I used to have difficulties falling asleep and was able to get up straight after the first alarm clock's ringing, now I usually fall asleep within 5 minutes and it takes me about 45 minutes to get out of bed.
I always have to have a glass of water next to my bed.
I plan what I'm gonna eat for breakfast and what I'm gonna wear the next day before I fall asleep.
Sometimes I wish I could sleep forever.

And you?


REMIX | half delirious

write a lot (of stuff to all of my notebooks)
read a lot (of my favourite books in public transport)
look at nice vintage pieces a lot (either at work or in other second hand places in my free time)
drink a lot (of lemonade and beer)
go out a lot (parties / concerts / film screenings / performances)
post a lot (of pics on Instagram, sadly)
am on my own a lot (but I don't really mind)
commute a lot (from F'hain to Kreuzberg to Mitte to P-Berg to Neukolln and back again)
explore a lot (of new places, things, my own characteristics)
love Berlin a lot.

/ song of the post: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Nature Boy /

St Agnes church
Onio's Ecke exhibition at Urban Spree