REMIX | blue

Dyed my hair black yesterday, everything is blue now, including my skin.

I used the vegan hair dye La Riche Directions in Ebony colour. Not sure if I'll do it again.

At least it looked pretty.

/ my hair is still black though, everything else is blue, e.g. my arms, my fingers, my scalp, our basin, our bathtub etc. /


WORD UP | nudity is cool

A while ago, I changed my laptop's wallpaper to what I simply call a pink dick pic. A Hungarian photographer called Ladocsi András (his tumblr) took it and I really like the combo of a penis, bubblegum / liquid / whatever that is and the pale pink backdrop. My friends think it is hilarious, strangers in the library / train not so much. But I sort of get that.

What I do not get is the following thing. Yesterday, I received an extremely rape-culture-induced comment about how I'm actually asking for all the sexual offense from men by posting pictures revealing my body. (read it + my response here) Apart from the sickening victim-blaming part, there was something that quite stroke me too. There was this sentence:
'I would never show my naked body to anyone except for my boyfriend, gynecologist and myself....'

As I already mentioned in my response to the comment, I think that is very very sad. Naked bodies are so cool! They are basically all the same yet so different at the same time. They have their flaws and post-injury marks and various distortions and they are generally very interesting and aesthetically pleasing things to look at. In my opinion, they are very beautiful, in all shapes and colours. Naked bodies do not have to have any sorts of sexual connotations; it all depends on each person's view. They have such big artistic potential as living canvases it would be so sad to omit them completely.

So, people of all genders (fuck gender binarism), stop being afraid of your own anatomy, take your clothes off and enjoy the awesomeness of your own body!


ARTSY | +msum

The museum of contemporary art Metelkova in Ljubljana is well nice. It features a lot of artists coming from the former Yugoslavian area; and likewise as the graffiti on the streets of Ljubljana, the artworks have quite a strong philosophical / political undertone. Cool.

The exhibition that caught my attention the most was called Mature Woman, displaying the art of a Croatian artist Vlasta Delimar. Very intimate, very feminine, very interesting. I loved how the nude self-portrait photos were jazzed up by pink paint, glitter, a shattered mirror, lace and more stuff. One part of the exhibit was all about pale pink curtain dividing the space into several sections, each one having an altar-like installation of almost a life-sized photo of the artist. Unfortunately, I was so astonished by the all the works that I didn't take as many pics as I wished, but you should all check out Vlasta Delimar online, seriously!

all white video rental room, me likey!
Jenny Holzer ♥
10/10 health goths recommend.