CONSUME | disappointed

I had stumbled upon this diary on Tumbr so many times before but only last week I found out that it was an actual thing you could buy. (it's sometimes very hard to differ art and regular products, don't you think?) Of course I immediately ordered it - the cynical me was beyond stoked from all the de-motivational quotes, personal SWOT analysis (with extra pages for weaknesses), notable deaths, imaginary friends / enemies sections, 'Blue Monday' stickers and so much more that this masterpiece of black humor contains.

A diary full of bitterness for a girl full of bitterness. A perfect match.


LET'S DANCE | ksk vol.26 temnotka

Went to this party in Prague = put a lot of glitter to cover the dark circles under my eyes and did a lot of dirty dancing with my friends.

And drank too much of red wine, considering the fact that I had to travel to Reutlingen the next day at 7 AM. We came back from the party around 4 AM  and I decided not to sleep at all, which I managed until 5:30 when I dozed off for 30 mins and then had to speed up to get to the bus station. Then I almost puked on the bus and slept for half of the way, then had to wander around Munich for 4 hours and after that, I finally arrived to RTL after another bus ride, slightly shorter than the first one (which was 5 hours long). I think I died a little during that day.

I was certainly not impressed that I had to leave so soon (and so early in the morning)


CONSUME | blaccbird skirt

 photo 1122_zps7312da4a.jpeg

Right before running away from Reutlingen for a week, I paid a visit to a local concept store called Wohnzimmer14 to finally buy this dreamy, slightly fetish-looking skirt from blaccbird, also a local brand. 

Of course, you can get such skirts from Asos, Topshop or other fast fashion shops, but it's much better to support a young designer and what's even more, the quality is thousand times better; and the price actually doesn't differ that much from the mentioned stores. Aaand the best thing is that the designer shortened the skirt for me right on the spot for no extra cost, yay!