REMIX | h o m e

what makes a house a home?
is it the number of months / years you've been living at that place? the price / condition ratio? the location? the number of people living there? the extent to which you like living in that city / country?
perhaps all of that, perhaps none of it.

in my opinion, it's the atmosphere.
some sort of 'homey vibes'.
that of course largely depends on the relationship the inhabitants have. that sort of reflects, i think. that's why certain places where too many different people are mixed, e.g. frauenwohnheim or any other strange student dorms (but not only), have this weird, sterile, unfriendly feeling.
but there's also a different, more important factor.
to me, a house is a home once it really reflects the owners' personalities.
their interests, their taste, their memories etc.
these little bits and pieces of the soul, represented by pictures in the frames, posters on the walls, souvenirs from vacations, boxes of favourite tea displayed in the kitchen, all that makes that atmosphere of a real, cosy home.

that's why i like coming back to my parent's place so much.
even though i do not think of it as my home anymore, it feels like a real home. (eh, is that understandable?)
you can pretty much guess who lives there just by looking at all those random decorations.
/ weirdos, interested in design and collecting stuff, that is /
a real home.
that's why i really miss during my nomadic adventures, seriously.


the placement of all the decorations / useless bullshit is all my work.
the two visual merchandising courses (and all those design books i kept on getting each xmas) were quite handy i guess.


CONSUME | in bed with marshal apparel

 photo IMG_5051_zpss2h28lam.jpg photo IMG_5075_zpsbhwfjrrv.jpg photo IMG_5062_zpssgccprwg.jpg photo IMG_5049_zpsaqo5zbml.jpg

i've been so pre-occupied with working on my BA admission assignments that i don't really get to spend a lot of time in bed lately. that of course means i'm super-tired, super-freaking out and super-annoying most of the time.

but because i managed to finish 2 out of 3 assignments last night and my body literally can't keep up anymore, i'm allowing myself to take a quick nap before i head to Prague for Polygon tonight. (anyone coming?)

why am i telling you this shit?

because i'll wander off to the dreamland in my brand new Marshal Apparel clothes i got from them a few days ago.
i promised myself i'd only do promo on my blog if i would really like the brand and could identify with their values; and MA is just that case.
their clothing is really cool and minimalist (a lot of black items = ♥♥♥) and of high quality and produced responsibly and locally.
and one should always support small local brands (Czech in this case), right?
danke, MA!


ESCAPE | mobile paris

as i already said, i went to Paris to visit my favourite French person / my frauenwohnheim floor-mate / the coolest model on many analogue pics from Reutlingen, Célia. i was too lazy to carry my big camera everywhere (plus my back was already literally destroyed after moving sofas, chairs and cabinets back in DK) so i only stick to my analogue that is way smaller and lighter plus my iphone. the pics from the latter are here now, the other ones will be developed next week only. most of the pics in this posts are on my instagram so if you want to see them in higher resolution, just head there!


1st day - arrived to Paris-Orly around 9, got super-lost there, took the tram + metro, met up with Célia and Charlotte, head a great bruschetta dinner

2nd day - went to Marais, ate a great falafel while sitting on random stairs, thrift-shopped, walked around, saw Centre Pompidou, bought wine, went to Pierre's place for a nice dinner, moved to a house party, continued the party on metro / outside, partied in a club, felt fancy when taking an uber taxi back home

3rd day - slept late, went to Louvre (gave up on seeing Mona Lisa to avoid all the tourists), walked too much, had a dinner at C's place

4th day - slept late, went to Belleville, then made a little detour, travelled to Trocadero to eat a cheapass Lidl tabouleh with the best view of the Eiffel Tower, fell in love with Palais de Tokyo, joined Célia, climbed up to the Sacre Coeur and had cheapass Lidl olives there, met up with Gabriela from Ris, Paris and drank beer and ate fries

5th day - woke up early, travelled to the Charles de Gaulle airport, flew home via Krakow


Paris is so beautiful i was having almost-crying moments all the time.
seriously, travel there if you can. and if you're lucky and the city is over-polluted, you might use all the transport for free as me!