ECO | 'natural beauty' essentials

remember the good old 'essentials' posts? i decided to bring the concept back to (finally) bring the ECO section back to life because:
a) i think i've reached a point when i don't need to search for new products as i kinda have all i need atm;
b) i don't have the fund$ to buy new stuff;
c) repetition is never a bad idea.

so here you go, my all-time favourite natural products for 'beauty' and 'health' – for nourishing your body.
and yes, the 'natural beauty' in the headline is put there in a mocking way, because what-the-fuck is 'natural beauty' anyways? just a stupid constructed concept we don't need to follow anymore.

from L to R, top to bottom:
Lush Tea Tree water – for making my face fresher than fresh
anti-headache roll on – for getting me rid of headaches without harmful chemicals
Lush Death&Decay perfume – for smelling so nice everyone is complimenting it
neti pot – for cleaning my sinuses in a super-natural way
green wheat – for giving me power and strength
fresh ginger – for curing colds and low days
old-fashioned razor – for clean cuts and NO. PLASTIC. WASTE.
bamboo toothbrush – for not having a single bit of plastic in it
(any) solid soap – for cleaning my body, smelling nice and not coming in a bloody plastic packaging
pumice stone – for being natural and without any plastic nonsense
Lush solid shampoo – for making my hair nice and being super-easy to transport
coconut oil – for being the best skin care helper ever


REMIX | rügen

if there's one thing i really miss about living in Copenhagen, it's being surrounded by the sea. it's just so nice to be able to go to the beach at any time, it works like a free anti-stress cure for me.

it's my 7th week in Berlin now, which means 7 weeks without the sea. that's why i persuaded my parents (they were visiting for a couple of days) to drive all the way up North, to a small island called Rügen. we went to see the white chalk shore at Königstuhl Nationalpark Jasmund (very disappointing btw – the entrance was 8,5 euro and you could only get to enter a small viewing deck full of tourists) and then a the beach promenade in Sassnitz, a nearby city. i really wanted to swim but the water was dirty and there were jellyfish (i guess CPH's clear water got me really spoiled), so i gave up on that. it felt great to be by the sea again, but it sadly wasn't enough, argh.


REMIX | brutalist berlin

my parents came for a visit to Berlin a few days ago, and instead of going to see the most famous touristic attractions for like the millionth time, i took them all the way down to South to Teltow, where you can find the most eery and strange brutalist buildings on the Charité campus.
both of them work(ed) as research labs and have a lot of mysterious presence surrounding them – equally cool and scary. i'm all about brutalist architecture, but even i got slightly creeped out by these huge concrete blocks which seem to be hiding something very uncanny behind their thick walls.
(if you want to check them out too, take the M85 bus towards Lichterfelde Süd and get off at Krahmerstrasse!)

on the way back, we stopped by another brutalist, weird building – Bierpinsel near Schloßtrasse ubahn station, a pop-art inspired used-to-be-a-restaurant, standing high above the busy road.