ESCAPE | vienna

Daytrip / meeting with my Barcelona friends. 

Mumok. Lunch in MQ Daily. (lots of veggie / vegan options, yay!) Walking and admiring. Stephansdom. Prater, the only attraction I agreed on trying were the bumper cars > bruises all over my knees, NICE. Random band's soundcheck + beer in Fluc. Super-quick schnitzel (not for me of course!) near Burggasse. Goodbyes at Stadion bus station and lovely Student Agency bus ride. (don't ask me how many times I've seen the Sherlock Holmes movie on these stupid screens over the past few moths. DON'T. ASK.)

find a cheeky little 'Anna' hidden there, ha!
'Rembrandt chair' / over-cultured / spelt-spaghetti & Fritz kola!


REMIX | forgotten

I felt guilty for storing so many unused pictures in my computer for ages so, well, here you go.

chia pudding
yes, I was too lazy to open the window. sorry.
HEART museum /// David Lynch book
Olomouc #2
Nepalese food, nom nom nom
breakfast fruit salad + The Cramps /// accoustic punk evening with Mikey Erg in Kontrast
coconut milk w/ frozen berries + the most stylish (Danish, of course) dark chocolate marzipan candy bar


ARTSY | kája saudek

Hommage ā Kája Saudek / Retrospektiva krále českého komiksu (a retrospective of the king of Czech comics) in the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc.

FINALLY! I was so gutted that I missed the exhibition opening just by a few days (okay, two weeks, but still!) but I strongly believed me and Saudek's work would find a way to each other anyway; and it was true, of course! Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to read all the cool comics but still the exhibition really amazed me. And my advice to you is - ditch out a few hours of your life, go on a daytrip to Olomouc (and feel free to ask for some recommendations on cool places and good restaurants!) and be astonished in Olmuart!

I love Čtyři vraždy stačí, drahoušku!!!