ARTSY | j├╝disches museum

I went to the Jewish Museum two days ago - and I felt pretty weird / like making an unwanted statement considering the current affairs. But there's a huge difference between the Jews altogether and Israeli government, right? You simply cannot associate a museum that teaches about the suffering of Jews in the past with a bunch of totalitarian dickheads who shamelessly ruin lives and countries. While keeping this on my mind, it still was very strange to be surrounded by quite many Israeli flags.

This being said, I can't say I didn't enjoy the visit. a) it's a very educational and interesting museum, b) THE ARCHITECTURE!! Oh my, it is almost an architectural heaven. All the minimalist empty spaces, strange angles, randomly shaped windows,... I'd like to live there I guess.



THE SKULL | whatever

Wearing a swimsuit top, oversized see-through Batman-ish shirt and marble sweatpants to work / running around the town. Fa fa fa fashion.


REMIX | cold and painless now

I feel really bad for barely using my camera lately and rather switching to Instagram, I promised myself it'd never come to this, but you know, shit happens.

Luckily I've still managed to snap a few pics over the past few weeks. It's been a very busy time, work / internship combined with concerts, parties, eating out, exhbition openings,... But more about that later!

vegan catering on my goodbye family party - might reconsider my future career

and I am cold and painless now /// I want to live but I feel nothing
/ Chelsea Wolfe - They'll Clap When You're Gone /