REMIX | limestone

we travelled to Karlstejn with my friends to show it to my French visitor C; and then we hiked to the quarries nearby.
Mala Amerika, Mexiko, Velka Amerika.
the thing i like the most about them were the beautifully shaped layers of limestone.
here are some pictures of it.

i know you don't really care but i don't mind much.


INSTANT | apr - jul

different places, different time, all instant.

from L to R, top to bottom:
Warschauer Strasse photobooth w/ A, June, Berlin
(a different) Warschauer Strasse photobooth w/ P, May, Berlin
strawberries w/ D, April, my parent's place
strawberries + wine, July, Prague
sparkling M the dancer, May, Prague
P in the curtains, July, Prague
Mauerpark photobooth w/ G, July, Berlin
slutever, July, Prague
N the hottie, July, Prague
R the kid with his board games, July, Prague
w/ K and P at the Ely Management launch party, May, Prague


REMIX | the black days

snaps from several places:
01: Chodov
02: Naplavka / Vltava
03: Munich / Pinakothek der Moderne
04: PRG room
05: OL room
06: Futura gallery
07: Pinakothek der Moderne (so so beautiful)

notes from my life:
01: i bought 4 new black turtleneck tees at a second hand store, meaning i own 6 of them now. all the same. black uniform for every day.

02: i'm going to the Atonal festival in Berlin for (most probably) free!

03: i'm moving to Copenhagen straight from Atonal. like literally, the new semester starts on 24th August, Atonal is from 19th to 23rd and i'm taking a BLN > CPH bus on 23rd in the morning. i'll miss Clock DVA because of that and it's really pissing me off.

04: that said, i have no idea WHERE i'm moving to in CPH. i still haven't found any accommodation, and i'm freaking out already. pray for me and the emergency dorm waiting list, pls.

05: my German course ends this week. i'll miss it.

06: i've added some new clothes for sale. go and check them and feed me. soon i'll be selling my Instax and Polaroid too, drop me a line if you're interested. it'll be cheap, vey cheap.

07: i have no idea what's happening in my life atm.

music soundtrack:
Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld - Still Smiling. (both the song and the whole album)

i recall the black days
as maybe grim and melanized
but also colourful

still there? still there.