REMIX | substanzen steptanzen

01: when did i turn into a health goth??? pt. 1
02: the new analogue babes. gonna be glittered soon!
03: hint hint
04: when did i turn into a health goth??? pt. 2
05: my toothbrush is very pretty
(the thing on my hand right under the black hairband is not a cut, just an imprint of my watch)
06: gifted fancy food back in the CZ: tea from Anetka, choco from my parents
07: soy ice cream + soy whip + berries = post-presentation reward

big, light, fluffy snowflakes were peacefully falling to the ground the whole morning. it was so utterly beautiful.

i'm working on a very exciting freelance assignment in a field i have no clue about (no technical skills or previous knowledge to be precise) which brings me a lot of fun but also countless i-am-such-a-talentless-failure breakdowns. fingers crossed it'll all work out well.

i got 1.9 for one of my research papers (the easier one) + the presentation. in Germany, 1.9 is something between the best and the second best mark, slightly shifting to the latter, which i find hilarious, because i am fully aware i wrote complete bullshit in the paper just to reach the page limit and fucked up the presentation deliberately. well, i'm not complaining though.

'i wish i had the money to travel like you!'
3 euros left from my budget until the end of the month.
sure, sure.

rocking goth Japanese schoolgirl outfits every single day.

considering the fact that Germans and Germany in general (minus Berlin) are extremely pissing me off already, i find it very funny how often (=daily) i listen to Einstürzende Neubauten. also that i play the song i hated when i was a child, Alles (headline reference), 3 - 5 times in a row usually. my parents are proud, i reckon.

while basically all my friends are done with finals already, mine only start on next Monday. wish me luck, pretty please.

genau genau genau.


REMIX | the ultimate essentials

do you remember those 'bare essentials' posts i used to publish quite often? in case you don't, i always wrote about objects i really liked and was using frequently during a certain period of time. not that i wouldn't like to do it anymore, i simply don't own that many new things (i basically only invest in food and travelling lately), so it would just be repeating the old stuff.

but this time, the pictured objects are my ultimate essentials, the things i cannot leave the house without. do not mistake them with the 'what would you bring on a deserted island' (cameras! my thyroid pills! more tampons! painkillers! a pillow!) or 'what would you save if your house was on fire' (cameras! laptop! external hard drive! all of my documents! hair straightener! my diaries!) kind of things, this is just the everyday stuff i always have to keep around.

the ultimate essentials in the order of importance:
IDs, credit cards etc. - losing them is my biggest fear, seriously. even when i'm drunk (especially then), i'm always checking out if i haven't lost them somewhere; and once i even kept them under my pillow because i was, in the drunken haze, persuaded that our flat's door wasn't closed properly and therefore someone could come to my room and steal them. don't ask.
phone - sadly, i really can't be without my phone. i use it for talking to my friends / family, reading books, writing down bullshit, occasional accounting, taking pics, listening to music. simply cannot be without it, ever.
earphones - i cannot stand not listening to something, seriously. i lost my earphones at school a while ago and only the way from there to the nearest electro shop was a mild torture to me.
keys (forgot to put them in the picture) - the idea of being locked out literally freaks me out; and i think only once in my life did i forget my keys, ha!
pepper spray - always always always. i have way too much bad experience to feel safe down on the street. i even pack it to my shopping bag when going to Lidl which is basically 10 mins away. never used in real though, thank god.
perfume - i have this obsession with smelling nicely, so it's impossible for me to leave without a perfume in my make up bag, even though i barely re-apply it outside of home. the one i mostly use is White Musk from The Body Shop.
mints / chewing gums - another obsession of mine - fresh breath / clean teeth. i love the fresh, minty feeling after brushing my teeth more than anything else; but when i'm out, mint candies or chewing gums are okay too.
eye liner + lip pencil - basically the only make up i ever use, so it's pretty easy to carry around. red lip colour is my favourite, but i usually have a pink and mulberry pencil with me too, in case i felt like changing my style.
notebook + fineliner pen - for notes, drawings, poems, anything. i always use black pen; and this fineliner from Staedler is my absolute favourite.
pocket knives - um, yeah, i am sort of obsessed with self defense. safety first! but knives can be handy in so many other situations, right? the reason why i have two knives is simple: the bigger silver one used to belong to my deceased grandpa so i carry it as a little souvenir / memory of him, and the second one, nicely white, that i just bought in Switzerland, also has tiny scissors, tweezers and a nail file, that's great, isn't it?
spare tampons - if not for me, then for my friends in need. PMS girls united!
/ it's funny that i didn't think of money, but since i always have my credit card(s) around, i know i could withdraw some cash anytime, even though it would cost me a bit more /

what about you? which things are the ones you could never leave the house without?


ANALOGUE | bits of disposable jan #01

01: sweet times in bed
02: few hours before leaving CZ - midnight packing and spaghetti w/ veggie sausages
03: my dad drumming at a d'n'b party
04: pink collection
05: wavy hair (yes, this is how my hair looks without straightening. well, not really, it usually looks 1000x worse)
06: abandoned Tesco's
07: Jungling Jay + my dad
08: i slept for 2 hours that night

it is official - my lovely glitter-covered [mju:] cannot be repaired. rest in peace, my lovely darling.

luckily, my mum scored some great new (not so new in fact, they're second hand, but you know what i mean) analogue babies, a Praktica M29, which i'm using for b&w pics, and an Olympus 800S Superzoom that looks almost the same as the old [mju:]. can't wait to see the developped pics from both of them!

here are just a few photos from my January photo roll, i used most of the film for other photo projects (coming soon!) and some other pictures from January are still in the new cameras, but i wanted to publish these nevertheless. they're all from the Czech Rep and make me sad a bit.