ANALOGUE | disposable feb

surprisingly many pics are usable from my February film roll. sorry for the overload!

01: the painting room at the uni
02: no wine opener, (almost) no problem.
03: pre-Iceage at Atlas
04: Gabi topping up my phone in Copenhagen
05: Puce Mary at Mayhem
06: Netto grocery shopping at 4 AM
07: worktop
08: on the way to Lidl
09: it ain't that easy
10: Herning's main square after the terrorist attacks
11: blurry Elias and Jakob of Iceage
12: V-Day's fro-yo
13: it had to be done
14: ??? (one of Dope Body's support bands)
15: the painting room again
16: in the kitchen
17: a cinema in CPH
18: Mayhem's clean bathroom
19: Aneta trying to figure out where the proper Danish party was
20: the grey sky over Copenhagen
21: Mayhem crowd
23: v clean Netto
24: finally!


TYPO | tired diaries

some of my drawings / thoughts / notes from the past few weeks.

i'm quite busy doing school and/or personal work but i'm still trying hard to sort of enlighten myself culturally every day (how awful that sounds!), squeezing it a little inbetween all the shit i have to do:
i finished Kierkegaard's Seducer's Diary at 1 AM last night.
i read a bit of Kafka's Metamorphosis in German before heading to school today. (i don't speak German by the way. don't ask.)
i listen to Einstürzende Neubauten's Live in Paris concert pretty much 24/7. (and i think it's pissing off my flatmates already)
i watch a lot of Werner Herzog movies, for example when i'm cooking.
i draw and write at night when only the red light in my room is on.
and stuff.

but can you really appreciate culture when you're that tired?


LET'S DANCE | 2x iceage

went to Århus and saw Iceage on the last day of Feb. not only once though, two times even.

the first time in the brilliant ARoS modern art museum (which me and Gabi visited before that but more about it later). for free, in the entrance hall, together with not only Scandi alt kids but also with families with kids and elderly people who pretty much left after a few songs. no suprise, Iceage are pretty heavy live. the concert was nice but Iceage did not really fit into the surroundings, i guess they're not meant to be seen during the day in a huge, all-white building.

the second time at Atlas in the evening, which was full of drunk and crazy guys thanks to whom i have some lovely (#not) bruises which are pulsating and keep on getting more and more swollen. the gig was definitely better, the setlist too; and it was generally really great but short as always. well, at least we managed to catch the last direct train to Herning thanks to that.

my thighs hurt so so much now.