ARTSY | kája saudek

Hommage ā Kája Saudek / Retrospektiva krále českého komiksu (a retrospective of the king of Czech comics) in the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc.

FINALLY! I was so gutted that I missed the exhibition opening just by a few days (okay, two weeks, but still!) but I strongly believed me and Saudek's work would find a way to each other anyway; and it was true, of course! Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to read all the cool comics but still the exhibition really amazed me. And my advice to you is - ditch out a few hours of your life, go on a daytrip to Olomouc (and feel free to ask for some recommendations on cool places and good restaurants!) and be astonished in Olmuart!

I love Čtyři vraždy stačí, drahoušku!!!


ESCAPE | berlin #02

Alexanderplatz. Goodbye no. 1 at S-bahn platform. Hiding from rain at Warschauer Strasse > discovering super-awesome cafe that is part of the Michelberger Hotel. Searching for Sugarman soundtrack, white tea for 2.8, chillax at sofas, books to borrow, cool people. East Side Gallery and rain-sun-rain-sun-rain. Cheap sushi lunch in Ostkreuz. Brandenburg Gate. Holocaust Memorial. Goodbye no. 2, this time near a bakery at Alexanderplatz station. 8.5 hours long way home.

watermelon love
East Side Gallery!
veggie menu for 6 euros, yeaaah!
spicy couscous as always (the only veggie option on every train station in DK / DE is ALWAYS chilli couscous. don't ask me why) and my caffeine mate = my lovely bus ride company


ESCAPE | berlin #01

Do you remember me mentioning lots of good stuff coming a while ago? Well, the Barcelona-Hamburg-Berlin trip was it. And guess where I am now? In my lovely bed in our lovely great-looking flat in my not-so-lovely hometown. Yes, Czechia, here I am! All exhausted and just for a few days but it still counts, right?

But back to the Sunday spent in Berlin! 3.5 hours long bus ride from Hamburg. Generator hostel Prenzlauer Berg, big recommendation btw, awesome and stylish for such little money! (9 euros!) Vegan pizzas at Sfizy Veg. Rock'n'soul in White Trash Fast Food (club / restaurant / tattoo studio), one of my favourite places in Berlin. Night tram fun.

Tre Formaggi and Diavola!

Anna V DOES NOT recommend

'fuck you fries' and sweet potato fries

/ check out the cool Wytches tee I got! /

night view.