REMIX | the black days

snaps from several places:
01: Chodov
02: Naplavka / Vltava
03: Munich / Pinakothek der Moderne
04: PRG room
05: OL room
06: Futura gallery
07: Pinakothek der Moderne (so so beautiful)

notes from my life:
01: i bought 4 new black turtleneck tees at a second hand store, meaning i own 6 of them now. all the same. black uniform for every day.

02: i'm going to the Atonal festival in Berlin for (most probably) free!

03: i'm moving to Copenhagen straight from Atonal. like literally, the new semester starts on 24th August, Atonal is from 19th to 23rd and i'm taking a BLN > CPH bus on 23rd in the morning. i'll miss Clock DVA because of that and it's really pissing me off.

04: that said, i have no idea WHERE i'm moving to in CPH. i still haven't found any accommodation, and i'm freaking out already. pray for me and the emergency dorm waiting list, pls.

05: my German course ends this week. i'll miss it.

06: i've added some new clothes for sale. go and check them and feed me. soon i'll be selling my Instax and Polaroid too, drop me a line if you're interested. it'll be cheap, vey cheap.

07: i have no idea what's happening in my life atm.

music soundtrack:
Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld - Still Smiling. (both the song and the whole album)

i recall the black days
as maybe grim and melanized
but also colourful

still there? still there.


I CAN'T DRAW | motivation stickers

i was feeling lower than low so i decided to turn the sadness into something useful and drew a few you-better-cheer-up drawings that i got printed as stickers.
they're dedicated to everyone who's struggling with work, with school, with some relationshit or with sadness that never goes away.
because, remember, you should not give up, not yet.

this is the most positive thing i've created in ages, hope you're well aware of that.


set of 11 transparent stickers (cut out)

only 15 pcs available

Czech Rep - 50 CZK (+ 30 CZK shipping)
Europe - 2 EUR (+ 2 EUR shipping)

if you want to order one or more sheets, please write an e-mail to thisisfem@gmail.com
thank you ♥


ANALOGUE | disposable jun

01: perfectly ripe avo
02: cute R
03: smoothie from strawberries my grandma had grown
04: Pure Ground playing at Basement Bar
05: veg pizza after i finished writing my final exam paper and didn't sleep at all
06: PRG family | i picked up my new laptop at that place
07: when E came to CZ again and we saw each other after 5 months and it was as great as always
08: Baltic sea
09: Messe / ICC at 6 AM
10: some fancy meal from a long time ago
11: afternoon nap
12: a nice tree at Bila Hora
13: green water
14: Weird Candle at Basement Bar
15: G on the ferry from DK
16: when hanging out with E | sunset in my neighbourhood
17: Messe, the silver beauty
18: watermelon and ciders with B
19: spontaneous trip to Bila Hora with K
20: cubical
21: K in Ruzyne
22: this is a prison

it might be late July already but here is my analogue report from June, pictures that were long-lost in my computer while i was unable to update it here.