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it's the International Transgender Day of Visibility today!
check out #tdov15 on insta / tumblr to see many beautiful, strong people and read their stories.

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ARTSY | culti tips s/s 2k15

both artworks by John Giorno

some new culti tips for the upcoming months.
watch films, read books, discover new bands, visit galleries (and get drunk at exhibition openings), write, draw, perform.

if someone has some tips for me in return, i'd be more than happy to hear them! ♥

i'm falling behind with my list of films to see more and more, which makes me really sad. the breaks between the films i see usually last a couple of week, oh god. nevertheless, i have some tips for you:
still back in Stuttgart, i went to 28. Stuttgarter Filmwinter and saw a bunch of short films, from which Fausto and Emilio (Nora Sweeney, 2014) was the best. those 13 mins about two sweet old barbers who seem not to admit that the 80s are already gone are just brilliant.
another thing i'm sad about is that i got to see only one film from this year's Jeden Svet festival (films about social issues etc). however, the movie i watched, Drone (Tonje Hessen Schei, 2013), was superb. as you can probably guess, it is about the US drone war; and it's quite heavy.
now something of a non-recommendation. last night, i decided to watch Der Freie Wille (The Free Will, Matthias Glasner, 2006) while working. i have never felt such repulsion towards a character on the screen; i literally wanted to puke during some parts. that guy is a mentally sick rapist and the movie very openly depicts a lot of scenes where he commits those crimes. it is very drastic, very brutal. watch it only if you are strong enough to see such intense drama.
all you Twin Peaks freaks, save the 8th April date! some news about the 2k16 '25 years later' series will be out on that day. simply attend this event on fb and try to keep calm before it'll all be revealed.
last but not least, there will be an Art Brut Film festival in Olomouc. guess that might be very interesting and slightly disturbing at the same time.

i'm still stuck in listening to live Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Einstürzende Neubauten basically 24/7, so there's not that much to recommend to be honest. oops. only two tiny tips this time, sorry.
when i was still in Herning and hung out with A (check her supercool instagram for sure!) all the time, we'd mostly listen to this podcast by Rødhåd. very good for working sessions!
now that i'm at home but still need to do a lot of shit for the BA admission process, i like to have a little throwback to the Berlin summer times by listening to this coldwave playlist on Spotify.

i might have a disco ball hanging in my room, but i ain't that much of a party girl to be honest. (i prefer live shows instead) of course, i still do party now and then, like this Friday at Polygon. hours and hours of Berlin-style techno right inside the building of the main train station in Prague were immensely great, but the morning (= whole day) after was pretty tough. anyways, there will be another Polygon party in April (24th April, location unknown so far) and i bet it'll be great too, so you better write that down to your daily planners!
aaand i might as well be at the next KSK party in Neone (10th April) which is in the mood of the Japanese blooming cherry trees. many nice people will be there, you should be too!
in May, i'd suggest visiting the 6th anniversary of Queer Noises (7th May, Basement Bar). and i'm too lazy to search for more cool parties, soz.

concert-wise, i'll probably appear at Antwon's gig in Prague (9th April, Basement Bar). he's also playing in Berlin the day before at Griessmuehle and the day after in Brno at Praha centre for those Moravians unwilling to pay for the train to the Czech capital.
Berlin offers a lot of cool gigs as always, like 3 TEETH (17th April, Urban Spree), Moon Duo (21th April, SO36) or Pharmakon (3rd June, Kantine am Berghain) to list a few. i'm not sure if i'll attend any of these, but for 100%, i'll be at Nick Cave's solo concert in May (6th May, Friedrichstadt Palast) and i'll cry for sure.
Einstürzende Neubauten are touring with a career-spanning set and you can catch them at Pohoda Festival in Slovakia (9th - 12th July, Trencin), but i'll probably skip that 'cause it's quite expensive and the oh-so-artsy-and-alternative Pohoda crowd has started pissing me off a very long time ago already. instead, i'm still waiting for them to appear at my fav OFF Festival in Poland, but if that does not happen, i'll head to Budapest (9th July, Akvarium Klub), where their concert costs less 25 euros.
speaking of OFF Festival (7th - 9th August, Katowice), i am getting v excited again. Patti Smith, Xiu Xiu performing Twin Peaks music, Mick Havey, The Julie Ruin, Iceage and many more, that already sounds great; and not all is revealed is yet. OFF is a cheap little festival with a great mix of all genres i never want to miss.
also, if i'll stick around CZ this summer, i'll finally head to Creepy Teepee (July 10 - July 12, Kutna Hora) for sure!

again, there's not much time left for reading in my schedule, so i can't recommend you that much stuff in this part. atm, i am reading Art History for Dummies (lol) to refresh my art knowledge, but that's about it.

if you happen to be in Copenhagen and have some $$$ to make a little trip up North to the Luisiana gallery, make sure to visit the exhibition of Richard Mosse where you can see a lot of beautiful pink-tinted pictures from DR Congo. so gutted i'm only coming back to DK after it finishes!
i was pretty amazed by the expositions in Palais de Tokyo back when i visited Paris, especially by those pieces by John Giorno (check out the two art pieces on the top of this post) and Takis. skip Mona Lisa and head there instead!


REMIX | h o m e

what makes a house a home?
is it the number of months / years you've been living at that place? the price / condition ratio? the location? the number of people living there? the extent to which you like living in that city / country?
perhaps all of that, perhaps none of it.

in my opinion, it's the atmosphere.
some sort of 'homey vibes'.
that of course largely depends on the relationship the inhabitants have. that sort of reflects, i think. that's why certain places where too many different people are mixed, e.g. frauenwohnheim or any other strange student dorms (but not only), have this weird, sterile, unfriendly feeling.
but there's also a different, more important factor.
to me, a house is a home once it really reflects the owners' personalities.
their interests, their taste, their memories etc.
these little bits and pieces of the soul, represented by pictures in the frames, posters on the walls, souvenirs from vacations, boxes of favourite tea displayed in the kitchen, all that makes that atmosphere of a real, cosy home.

that's why i like coming back to my parent's place so much.
even though i do not think of it as my home anymore, it feels like a real home. (eh, is that understandable?)
you can pretty much guess who lives there just by looking at all those random decorations.
/ weirdos, interested in design and collecting stuff, that is /
a real home.
that's why i really miss during my nomadic adventures, seriously.


the placement of all the decorations / useless bullshit is all my work.
the two visual merchandising courses (and all those design books i kept on getting each xmas) were quite handy i guess.