ANALOGUE | disposable nov

Once again, I managed to finish and develop the film even before the assigned month ended. What can you do, hm hm.

A very sad happened - my lovely all-glittery Olympus [mju:] broke down! These might be the last pics from it, it's really heart-breaking for me. I got a cute little underwater temporary replacement for it but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed it'll be repairable!

01: Leonor and Célia on the way from a party
02: petals
03: sacrificed my old socks because of my regular autumn problem, ingrowing nails
04: Tübingen's graffiti is seriously the best
05: Célia walking
06: grapefruit matching
07: poor Markus
08: Christmas / regular gifts
09: pink matching
10: jeez.
11: Célia on top of Georgenberg
12: Scandinavian outfit matching
13: proper German vibes in Tübingen
14: when baking a homemade pizza, don't forget to put it on a baking tray before adding the toppings. seriously, don't.
15: sick and bored
16: 'frauen'


CONSUME | disappointed

I had stumbled upon this diary on Tumbr so many times before but only last week I found out that it was an actual thing you could buy. (it's sometimes very hard to differ art and regular products, don't you think?) Of course I immediately ordered it - the cynical me was beyond stoked from all the de-motivational quotes, personal SWOT analysis (with extra pages for weaknesses), notable deaths, imaginary friends / enemies sections, 'Blue Monday' stickers and so much more that this masterpiece of black humor contains.

A diary full of bitterness for a girl full of bitterness. A perfect match.


LET'S DANCE | ksk vol.26 temnotka

Went to this party in Prague = put a lot of glitter to cover the dark circles under my eyes and did a lot of dirty dancing with my friends.

And drank too much of red wine, considering the fact that I had to travel to Reutlingen the next day at 7 AM. We came back from the party around 4 AM  and I decided not to sleep at all, which I managed until 5:30 when I dozed off for 30 mins and then had to speed up to get to the bus station. Then I almost puked on the bus and slept for half of the way, then had to wander around Munich for 4 hours and after that, I finally arrived to RTL after another bus ride, slightly shorter than the first one (which was 5 hours long). I think I died a little during that day.

I was certainly not impressed that I had to leave so soon (and so early in the morning)