LET'S DANCE | knife fest 15

Soho Rezajenad + First Hate
Puce Mary
Mischa Pavlovski
Soho Rezanejad | First Hate

a 2-day festival held by the Knife Magazine at Bolsjefabrikken. showcase of Danish bands. each different, all great. (except for one band)

i saw:
Værket - very interesting mix of diverse instruments + cool voice
E.L.M. - techno / industrial set
Soho Rezanejad - so good, so hot
First Hate - lovely 80s electro, my personal fav, the set was so much better than the one i saw in Berlin a year ago (but that one wasn't bad either!)
Slægt - metal played by young boys
Puce Mary - the queen of noise / drone / industrial
Reverie - death metal fun
Mischa Pavlovski - ambient techno
Communions - very nice and very dancey
Argot - good good good
Lower - liked it but the sound was pretty bad so it wasn't 100% great
Narcosatanicos - sorry but no

it was real nice and i smuggled a lot of cheap beer in and danced and took a lot of pics of my phone which you can see above.
CPH nightlife is fun.


ANALOGUE | my friends' tats







i wanted to do this whole series of b&w photos of my friends' tattoos, bought an expensive film, started doing it, but sort of gave up along the process just because it was so hard to combine meeting with the inked friends and me having the right camera with me. it's a shame i think, but what can you do.

here's the few pics i took at least.


REMIX | postcard from cph

hi y'all,
i moved to Copenhagen three days ago,
i am 100% homeless with no prospect of a future room / flat whatsoever,
i'm staying in an airbnb,
sleeping on a couch in a random person's living room,
i also started studying at a new school,
KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi,
BA Top-Up in Communication Design and Media,
it's been sort of fine so far,
but i'm doubting if i shouldn't have stayed in Herning and finished Retail Design,
i think i have tonsillitis,
or some other painful shit in my throat,
i had 39 degrees of fever the first school day,
sweated a lot,
and had to take a student card picture like that,
i sort of lost my appetite,
my body is sore,
i am always cold,
and i just wanna go home,
but i don't even know what that is anymore.

the picture above sums that, pretty much.