ESCAPE | dresden

I went to Dresden for a day and did this:
arrived at the Neustadt station / walked around the hip area / had lunch at Flax vegan cafe / tried to visit the Kunsthaus but it was closed / walked to the main touristy part / was amazed by the pretty architecture / decided I sort of had seen everything I wanted and went to the bus station 3 hours earlier / bought a supercheap glitter scuba-diving-suit-looking blouse in Humana / rebooked my bus / sighed with relief when I got back to Ostbahnof

I went to Dresden for a day and realized I never want to leave Berlin. (but I have to - already this Sunday. and it's breaking my heart)


CONSUME | cotton

 photo IMG_2897_zpse5d3285f.jpg

I might have gone completely crazy 'cause the always-hating-colours / monochrome-only me bought a baby pink jacket, the first colourful piece of clothing since February.

Seems like I'm gonna spend my whole winter as a huge chunk of candy floss then.


TYPO | not anymore

I like to get things done. I like keeping myself busy, I like the feeling of accomplishment, I like being mentally challenged.

But there's one thing that's keeping me from doing all the things I want properly - postponing. Call it procrastination, laziness, brattiness or whatever, I just can't do things on time. I mean, my perception of 'on time' is slightly different than of most people, 'on time' = some time before it is supposed to be done (ie before deadlines), so it's not that bad, but still! 'I'll do it later' is the mighty curse of my life. I don't get distracted easily and I'm quite good at multitasking but somehow the most important things are always on the last spot of interest when it comes to doing more things at once.

That's all over now though. I'm setting a goal to myself - no postponing, no laziness, just doing things that need to be done on time, right now, not later. Let's see how long I can manage.