ANALOGUE | disposable oct

After completely neglecting my Olympus [mju:] baby for my whole stay in Berlin, the analogue posts are back, yay! October may still not be over (even though November is just a few hours away) but my film already is - and it's also developed and all ready fo you now! 

This time, I also got the printed photos because there simply was no option. (even when you just want a CD, you still have to get the printed versions here, lame) Probably the first time after a few years of actually being really able to see the pics right in the shop, flip through them endlessly and then put them on the wall straight away. I forgot how nice it all felt.

01: skulls at Anna-Lena's and Caterina's home
02: Célia in the bathroom
03: uni projects
04: Stine caught mid-selfie
05: riot don't diet
06: tastiest tempeh ever
07: schooltime still life
08: Célia in Tübingen's tunnel
09: markt
10: frozen berries
11: pretzel lovers
12: LOL
13: way to Hauptbahnhof
14: Volage. the band that saved our lives (more here)
15:pre-party on the balcony
16: no means no ♀


GRRRL POWER | long hair don't care

Call it an experiment. Call it 'I'm-sick-of-society's-demands-on-body-image' mixed with 'wanna-try-out-something-new' and 'shaving-everyday-sucks'.

It's actually a complete opposite of what I do usually - I really enjoy the feeling of the smooth, freshly shaven skin and I even shave my arms just to make all the tats look nicer. But I just wanted to test how it feels, I guess, to find out whether I'm not missing out on anything. I was really surprised by the positive reaction and support by my friends and family who knew about this fun little project of mine. Unfortunately, I have to admit it didn't last long - one simply cannot just stop shaving and let it all grow out, all the hair needs to be completely removed before 'cause otherwise it scratches, itches and burns as fuck. Good to know for the next time.

BUT - I didn't stop because it would be disgusting. I didn't stop because I would be sweating more. I didn't stop because my armpits would suddenly be smelly. That's all bullshit.

So, dear girls and ladies, don't be afraid to go hairy. And fuck everyone who says otherwise.

 photo 2910_zps217083b1.png


PURE BULLSHIT | a richer victory

A Richer Victory by John Tottenham, edit by me              

Yet again, I am surprised how much I can relate to John Tottenham's poetry. 
He's the master of bitterness and negative thinking. 
He's sort of my soulmate.

I turned his latest poem into a picture and saved it as 'my life.jpeg'.