REMIX | forgotten

I felt guilty for storing so many unused pictures in my computer for ages so, well, here you go.

chia pudding
yes, I was too lazy to open the window. sorry.
HEART museum /// David Lynch book
Olomouc #2
Nepalese food, nom nom nom
breakfast fruit salad + The Cramps /// accoustic punk evening with Mikey Erg in Kontrast
coconut milk w/ frozen berries + the most stylish (Danish, of course) dark chocolate marzipan candy bar


ARTSY | kája saudek

Hommage ā Kája Saudek / Retrospektiva krále českého komiksu (a retrospective of the king of Czech comics) in the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc.

FINALLY! I was so gutted that I missed the exhibition opening just by a few days (okay, two weeks, but still!) but I strongly believed me and Saudek's work would find a way to each other anyway; and it was true, of course! Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to read all the cool comics but still the exhibition really amazed me. And my advice to you is - ditch out a few hours of your life, go on a daytrip to Olomouc (and feel free to ask for some recommendations on cool places and good restaurants!) and be astonished in Olmuart!

I love Čtyři vraždy stačí, drahoušku!!!


ESCAPE | berlin #02

Alexanderplatz. Goodbye no. 1 at S-bahn platform. Hiding from rain at Warschauer Strasse > discovering super-awesome cafe that is part of the Michelberger Hotel. Searching for Sugarman soundtrack, white tea for 2.8, chillax at sofas, books to borrow, cool people. East Side Gallery and rain-sun-rain-sun-rain. Cheap sushi lunch in Ostkreuz. Brandenburg Gate. Holocaust Memorial. Goodbye no. 2, this time near a bakery at Alexanderplatz station. 8.5 hours long way home.

watermelon love
East Side Gallery!
veggie menu for 6 euros, yeaaah!
spicy couscous as always (the only veggie option on every train station in DK / DE is ALWAYS chilli couscous. don't ask me why) and my caffeine mate = my lovely bus ride company