I am a feminist...

because I have been followed by a car at night for more than once.
because I have been asked 'How much?' when standing somewhere alone.
because I have had my butt touched by random men on public places.
because I personally know girls who have been drugged on parties. (and it may have happened to me too)
because I have been called a 'slut' because of the clothes I was wearing.
because I have been down-stared and judged when I took of my top at an extremely hot club and danced in my bra whilst topless guys at concert are usually barely noticed.
because I have been told 'Oh come on, you can't be a feminist all the time!' when being angry about a comment I was supposed to take as a compliment. (the funny thing is I was told this by a religious friend - maybe I should tell her 'not to be a Christian all the time' the next time she refuses to do something because of her beliefs)
because I want to walk down the street without being catcalled, whistled at or commented on.
because I don't want to be scared when walking alone at night.
because I don't think it is acceptable for men to touch my body without my permission.
because girls are being taught how to avoid being raped instead of boys being told not to rape.
because I want to leave my house without checking out if I didn't forget to take all my self-defence 'weapons' with me.
because I am sick of men thinking girls are obliged to have sex with them.
because some people still think that certain way of dressing up makes you 'asking for it'.
because I don't want to fake having a boyfriend as it the only way to get rid of annoying guys hitting on you.
because I want to receive the same salary and benefits as working men.
because some people think that showing women's body parts is offensive and vulgar.
because I am sick of being perceived as the weaker, dumber and more superficial sex.
because I believe there are more than two genders.
because I know that the genitals you were born with don't define your sex / sexuality.
because I wish people could love whoever they want without being ashamed.
because I want all political, economic, cultural, and social rights to be equal for every single person.
because I want the girls and women of the future not to have to care about all this.


REMIX | new morning

The nicely warm sunbeams woke me up early a few days ago. I usually hate being up before 9 but this was definitely worth it.

/ song of the post: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - New Morning /


ARTSY | eröffnung berlin art week

Wondering where have all the Berlin hipsters and oh-so-artsy people gone? To the Berlin Art Week! (obviously, Berliners love theme-weeks: Music Week, Design Week, Fashion, Web Week, Food Week, Social Media Week,... and probably some Sex Week happening in some seedy underground fetish clubs. or wait, that's more like a yearly, infinite thing in the B, right?)

On Tuesday, there was a huge opening night in Akademie der Künste and according to the fb event, over 4.3 thousand people attended it; and you could definitely see that as the place was literally packed. The outdoor concert area, the party garden, the foyer, bathrooms, even the sbahn heading to the Bellevue station was full of people. You even had to queue for 30 mins to get to the main exhibition, I mean, wow. Anyways, it was a lot of fun, the concerts I saw were nice (BAR and Dena), the exhibition was very creative and interactive, and the hip hop afterparty with all the alt people already drunk was amusing as well. Cool night.