LET'S DANCE | einstürzende neubauten @ haus der kunst

most of you probably haven't even heard of this band, but it means the world (lol) to me atm.
i used to be scared of the harsh industrial noise when i was little, i love them for the same brutal energy now.

Einstürzende Neubauten playing their greatest hits in Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany.
i haven't been so excited about a concert since the Stooges' gig in CZ two years ago.
and, of course, it was brilliant, so raw, so powerful, so beautiful.
they played most of my favourite songs.
the setlist was: The Garden > Die Interimsliebenden > Haus der Lüge > Nagorny Karabach (during which i light-headedly decided to go to the toilet; from the front row, to the end of the room. big mistake.) > Dead Friends > Unvollständigkeit > Youme & Meyou > Die Befindlichkeit des Landes > Sonnenbarke > Von wegen > Sabrina > Susej > Ein leichtes leises Säuseln > Redukt > Let's Do It A Dade > Alles > Total Eclipse of the Sun.
i was there with my mum and met a friend there and we all agreed it was one of the best gigs we've ever been to.

the best thing was that the concert was recorded the whole time and you could buy a USB stick with the MP3 of it afterwards.


WORD UP | advice for cz

dear Czech people on the streets:

please learn that what others wear, what make up they have, what is their skin or hair or any other colour, what their sexuality is, how revealing their clothes are, what their body type is and so on is none of your business.

please learn that not everyone is interested in your loud conversation on public transport.

please learn not to be so resentful and judgemental towards anything different from what you are used to.

please learn that people will treat you the way you treat them - simply be nice to strangers you meet daily, don't push them, don't swear at them, don't try to cut the line in shops etc.

please learn that not everyone speaking English automatically does not speak Czech; and do not gossip about or swear at other people in Czech. (like, wtf)

please learn some basic manners.
that would help a lot.

dear Czech people working in public service (ie shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, transport etc):

please learn that you are here to serve the customers and therefore be nice to them, not vice versa. i do get that you might have a bad day, but venting out your personal failures on the customers is unacceptable.

please learn to greet.

please learn to smile or at least show a bit of sympathy towards the customers.

please learn to stop being much meaner to foreigners.

please learn basic English, it's not that hard.

please learn that good service = better brand reputation = better sales.
that would help a lot.

*this is based on the wtf-events happening since my return from DK and on complaining wtf-discussions with my Finnish friend who just visited me in Prague and on comparing CZ with other countries i have lived in / visited


REMIX | fem dage

01: B building
02: D building
03: limited
04: mig mig mig
05: B building
06: B / C
07: elections / flowers
08: B / D
09: the last (pre-exam) supper
10: pre-exam Pawel
11: A building
12: random street in Copenhagen
13: A building
14: the first time we went to a nice restaurant (not an Asian bufet) since moving to Herning
15: D building

5 days in Herning.
Saturday - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday.
i still felt certain feeling towards it, but i was detached at the same time.
from the town, from the school, from the shops.
the roads i used to take were familiar, but did not feel habitual.
it was strange.

who knows if we'll meet again.