GNDR | menstrual hygiene day

(photo from my femsex photo series

28th May is the Menstrual Hygiene Day! 

let's not discuss the tampon tax and using PMS as a reason for shaming and pointing out how "hysterical women are" for a while, even though these indeed are important problems.

while access to menstrual hygiene products is taken for granted by most of us in the West, there are millions of those who are not that privileged. so many youngsters in developing countries even fall behind/drop out from school because they are unable to take proper care of their periods (yes, menstruating is SUCH taboo in some countries). it is said that 1 out of 5 girls in India quits her education because of menstruation, and that is seriously horrifying.

let's start by raising awareness today through using the hashtags #menstruationmatters #menstruation #mhday and sharing your own story/artwork/whatever.
let's break the menstruation taboo.

learn more about the MHDay here.


WERK | pure blood

i hinted a bit about what i did for my final exam in the last post – a campaign all about menstruation. the concept of the exam project was quite complicated, but in short, i was trying to break the menstruation taboo (= deceptive image of menstruation in our society; the idea that it is impure, "unnatural" or disgusting and should not be discussed) through a promo video/visual campaign for the Finnish menstrual cup brand Lunette. i used a lot of visual symbolism, and each thing used has a hidden meaning. the vulva-shaped fruit is kinda obvious, i guess, but, for example, the blood is made of mashed strawberries, which is a link to the German euphemism used for menstruation: "the strawberry week"; eggs symbolise fertility, lilies the socially constructed "purity" women should have, cherries are a connotation to the saying "pop your cherry" for "losing one's virginity" (what a bullshit concept tho), stretched, pink chewing gum is a visualisation of vaginal walls and so on. there are two hidden links to very famous movies; and the song, in which PJ Harvey sings about drowning her daughter, has an obvious significance too.

i presented absolutely work-deprived and was gradually losing my shit over the presentation, and cried while i was waiting for my grade after the external examiner decided to roast me (later saying that it was just "for fun" – lolzzzzzz, i was sure having a lot of fun too), but surprisingly i managed to get the highest mark after all! the funniest thing is that i presented this project to two men, while menstruating and wearing a black latex skirt. felt very empowered at that point, haha.

side note: we had 5 days to create the visuals and the final presentation; and my video editing skills are basically non-existent, so please bare with me.

big thanks goes to Lumir and Eva who helped me with the video; and to all my great classmates who also stayed at school 24/7 and supported me the whole time!


REMIX | finals

it's final exam week at my uni right now, which means i'm, literally, dying of exhaustion. someone from the headquarters is apparently a real sadist and thought it would be a lot of fun to come up with a semester exam concept consisting of 48 hours for synopsis writing and 72 hours for product making (thank god for the national holiday on Monday; that way we got the weekend as two extra days, yay) – ha ha ha, brilliant, isn't it? go through my photobooth full of tropical island selfies with my classmates taken at 1 AM, or just check my Snapchat story, and you'll see the real impact of such great educational ideas.

anyway, now that i'm done staring at the computer screen till early morning and questioning my mental capability to understand all the philosophical concepts i decided to use for my project and consequently trying to sound like a real academical pro in my paper, i'm enjoying (and by "enjoying" i mean running around, spending hundreds on props, sweating as a pig and forcing my friends to help me) creating my final product. can't tell much now, but here's a little hint: it deals with menstruation and i used a lot of fresh fruit for my photoshoot. here are some behind the scenes shots, real results coming soon. wish me luck next Tuesday!