ARTSY | +msum

The museum of contemporary art Metelkova in Ljubljana is well nice. It features a lot of artists coming from the former Yugoslavian area; and likewise as the graffiti on the streets of Ljubljana, the artworks have quite a strong philosophical / political undertone. Cool.

The exhibition that caught my attention the most was called Mature Woman, displaying the art of a Croatian artist Vlasta Delimar. Very intimate, very feminine, very interesting. I loved how the nude self-portrait photos were jazzed up by pink paint, glitter, a shattered mirror, lace and more stuff. One part of the exhibit was all about pale pink curtain dividing the space into several sections, each one having an altar-like installation of almost a life-sized photo of the artist. Unfortunately, I was so astonished by the all the works that I didn't take as many pics as I wished, but you should all check out Vlasta Delimar online, seriously!

all white video rental room, me likey!
Jenny Holzer ♥
10/10 health goths recommend.



GRRRL POWER | down on the street

 photo 1216_zpsaba3d5fa.jpeg

end of November, after a concert, approx. 40 mins after midnight:
'How are you getting home?'
'By train, and then I have to walk home from the station. Not the safest thing to do in this region, eh.'
'Do you get hassled a lot?'
'Yeah, I do.'


I seriously do.

I have been followed by a car for 5 times.

I have been followed by a cyclist once.

I have been honked at for countless times.

I have been asked 'How much' for probably 10 times.

I have been touched by random men many times.

I have been forced to move somewhere else on a concert because of guys trying to feel my bum.

I have been forced to cross the street because of being catcalled.

I have used my pepper spray once to scare the potential offenders off.

I have been called nasty names and asked if I would have had sex with random men.

I have punched a guy because of his inappropriate behaviour.


Sometimes I feel like there is something inside of me that makes men want to hurt me, either sexually or causing me pain in general. I feel scared a lot.



And it is so utterly wrong and sad and disgusting. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE WALKING DOWN THE STREETS WITH THE FEAR OF BEING HURT.

And no, no woman, not a single one, is ever asking for it. Who would be voluntarily asking for being reduced to a sexual object without any power its own body / decisions? Explain, please.


ESCAPE | den alpen

Long-distance bus rides are generally an awfull, exhausting and unpleasant experience but the one connecting Munich and Ljubljana was the complete opposite. I mean, I still strained my neck and droolled over myself and probably slept on my neighbour's shoulder for a bit (he was strangely smiling at me for the rest of the way, huh), but the view made up for it completely.

3 out of 5 hours are all about riding inbetween the snow-topped peaks of the Alps; and also passing a completely mint green river at the Slovenian border. When our bus had a 20 minutes long break ('WC und raucher pause') near Villach, Austria, I almost wanted to cry how beautiful the view was.