THE SKULL | that dress

I had a vision of a very simple but interesting, oversized, minimalistic dress from a thick and heavy material I wanted to have. Nowhere to be found. So my mum made it for me. And even more are to come now. My love to her is eternal.

/ notice my huge and painful after-bloodtest bruise! /


INK | collection

 photo ink-001_zps386a7ab4.jpg

It all started 2 years, 7 months and 14 days / 136 weeks / 957 days / 22,968 hours / 1,378,080 minutes / 82,684,800 second ago with a small, innocent, slightly romantic tattoo.


Now there are loads and loads of ink under my skin. And my left arm is the most expensive thing I've invested in.

(mostly done by Fuťa at Knockout Tattoo in Přerov)


REMIX | miss you

It has been 361 days since the daily hospital visits began.
It has been 342 days since I had to say goodbye.
It has been 228 days since these few things became the only way to be with my grandpa.