CONSUME | no furniture bill challenge II

as i have settled down a bit more at my new dorm room / flat, i thought i'd update you on how my not-gonna-buy-any-furniture low-cost challenges has been going.

this how my room looks like atm.
read more below.

i found the cute baby pink side table within a few minutes after moving in; and i sort of expected the rest of the process likewise easy.
of course it wasn't.
sure, i could have borrowed all the stuff from the furniture bank at my dorm, or i could have just bought the cheapest pieces at IKEA, but i wanted to keep on doing this experiment. so, i spent two weeks sitting on that pink table instead of a chair when trying to work, which lead to a lot of back pain. for three weeks, the first thing i saw after waking up would be ugly, dusty curtains with a ridiculous pattern reminding walnut shells.
luckily, when my parents were visiting, we found a nice desk (i used to have the same one but bigger when i lived in Herning) and a chair at the same spot where i found the pink table, ie the huge contained in front of my dorm.
i tried to hunt down some nice curtains, visited so many second hands, but nothing was nice. i pretty much gave up, because i just couldn't stand looking at the walnut-covered ones anymore, and ended up going to Jysk. none of the curtains sold there looked reasonable (= very simple, white, inexpensive), so i bought the cheapest white bed cover and hung it with 4 office rings i always carry in my purse for school projects. it is extremely ridiculous, but i sort of like it. very lo-fi.

expenses so far (in DKK):
2x 399 - mattress (the cheapest one available)
49 - towel
19 - shower curtain
24 - pillow
29 - LED light bulb doublepack
2x 19 - bedsheets
2x 24 - blankets for guests
19 - candle

100 - blanket
30 - bed cover used as a curtain

10 - plant (died already)
15 - fresh coriander (also died)

stuff i found (zero costs):
a desk, a chair, a cabinet with mirror (didn't know how to use it so i put it back to the container), a wooden crate

stuff i upcycled (zero costs):
pencil holders from a metal can and a tomato sauce glass, a flower vase from a glass jar from beetroot, fruit 'bowl' (requires a lot of imagination to see it as a bowl) from an ice cream container.

+ i used a lot of decorations i had brought from the CZ with me.

stuff i'm still searching for:
a bookcase / chest of drawers / whatever to put my stuff on, a board on which i could put photos / drawings etc on, another chair(s)

let's see how it goes!


REMIX | die wunde und das herz

01: parents vs Superkilen
02: at REVISIT: Thorbjørn Lausten verni
03: Bredgade I
04: Botanisk Have I
05: cracking
06: discounted roses
07: Botanisk Have II
08: ceiling of Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst
09: pretty marble
10: Bredgade II
11: trying out sweaters at work
12: REVISIT: Thorbjørn Lausten verni
13: Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst
14: beetroot

the event sequence of a lot of drama during a school project, moving, my parents coming to visit and an individual assignment was a killer combo.
i have reached unknown levels of exhaustion.

my hands are shaking.
i have broken a light bulb and cracked my basin when i was washing the dishes.

things are happening but i feel like it's just a dream.
i am not present.
seconds, minutes, days, weeks, month are just slipping through my fingers.

i don't even go out that much anymore, fewer parties, fewer concerts, fewer exhibitions.
i'm skipping so many events.
i haven't been to Bakken for such a long time. i used to be there at least once a week.
i was at Mayhem 4x in the past 7 days though.

i have such great plans for this upcoming school project.
i have never been so afraid of failure.

i'm trying to pull myself together.
self-care, it's called.

was ist offen?
die wunde und das herz.


CONSUME | sustainable shopping tips II

in the sustainable shopping tips series, i want to share the eco-friendly products i have*, use and like to encourage more people to get on the track of being informed, sustainable consumers.
because it matters.

all other sustainable tips and tricks, reflections, journals of my own struggles etc can be found under the 'consume' and 'eco' tag.


Ecozz water bottle
i already mentioned my plan to buy a proper reusable bottle in the eco checklist article, and i finally did it! i picked this minimalist and slim bottle from a Czech brand Ecozz, which was designed by BOA from Prague. (via Econea) it looks really great, does not leak and is super easy to clean (it can be quite difficult with, for example, metal bottles). the only disappointing thing about it is the little note on the bottom of the bottle - 'Designed in Prague. Made in China.' i mean, come on, Ecozz is sort of emphasizing its 'Czechness' and then this? isn't it a bit ridiculous?

Baserange underwear
the minute i saw Baserange underwear and read the description on the tag at a local retail store, i was in love. Baserange is a DK / FR based sustainable company selling clothes made of organic materials, all manufactured in Portugal and Turkey. they're very transparent about their production, which is so important when you want to be a sustainable company. (uh oh, can't deny my degree in Retail, haha) i love how comfy yet stylish their clothes look, and how the underwear's main purpose seems to be comfort, not pleasing the male gaze. you might have already seen my Ravenna panties on my insta, and i have to tell you - i love love love them!

dish washing supplies 
getting a wooden brush instead of plastic sponges is another thing i have already talked about. i got this one from EcoEgo for approx. 2 EUR, and it actually works much better than any of those cheap weirdly-coloured sponges. looks nicer too. i also got a few cloths made of recycled fibres from Econea, they're great too. set of 2 costs a little over 1 EUR, what a bargain!

Astrid och Aporna food
Astrid och Aporna is a Swedish veggie food company making 100% plant-based cheese / meat substitutes in the cutest packages. their broad range of products is sold in SuperBrugsen supermarkets in Denmark, and they also have their own grocery store in Malmö. the prices are, of course, quite high, around 4 EUR per product (it is not that much for Danes / Swedes, but it still is 3x more expensive than non-veg products), but it's really worth it. i totally fell in love with the Cream Jeezly, it tastes like what we call a 'spread butter' in the Czech Rep (pomazánkové máslo ) and the combo of it, rugbrød (Danish dark rye bread) and cucumber is just perfect. it's actually pretty wtf how 'real' their products taste! what's even more, there's the Astrid och Aporna Spiseri in CPH, an all-veg fast food in Nørrebro, which is probably my favourite place to eat out at the moment. their menu consisting of a burger with a relish of your choice, fries, mayo and a coleslaw for 79 kr (11 EUR) is the best thing ever. just remembering the last time i had it makes me want to cry a little. also, if you go to Malmö, you can get burgers / hot dogs with Astrid och Aporna meat substitutes at literally every shawarma place for like 30 SEK (3 EUR), yay!
(if you're wondering how is this sustainable - plant-based diet is so many times more sustainable than that of a carnivore! even reducing your meat intake can make a huge difference, go ahead!)

black mud face soap
i've dramatically reduced the amount of liquid cosmetics i use over the past year as solid products are usually unpacked (or in paper only) and very travel-friendly (no spilling, smaller size). my favourite vitamin boost face soap from the Body Shop is not distributed anymore, so i had to find something else to help me wash all the nasty dirt, smog and what-not from my face. i got this one via Bioo.cz, i was really hoping it would make black foam all over my face, which it doesn't, but it still works really great and smells ah-mazing!

*none of this is a paid advertisement