I CAN'T DRAW | meh

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just when i should be busy as hell, my brain decides to be lame as fuck.


GNDR | queer stickers

new stickers are here, yay!
queer-friendly this time; because everyone should be queer-friendly, right? if you are, show some love & support with these badly drawn stickers, please.

the big black heart was not supposed to be there in fact, a little mistake happened during the printing process, so instead of a big rainbow heart, there's a Kathleen-Hanna-shoulder-tattoo-alike heart instead. actually, if you buy a white or silver permanent marker, you can easily write your own message / slogan on it, which is quite nice, isn't it?

oh and in case you were wondering what each symbol means:
the rainbow heart is based on the LGBT pride flag;
the blue-pink-white heart and the symbol next to the 'glad to be queer' heart represents transgender pride;
the purple-white-green heart and the sign with a star of sorts stands for genderqueer pride;
and the last sign with a combo of the traditional female and male sign is for androgyny.



set of 13 transparent / coloured stickers (cut out)

only 15 pcs available

Czech Rep - 50 CZK (+ 30 CZK shipping)
Europe - 2 EUR (+ 2 EUR shipping)

if you want to order one or more sheets, please write an e-mail to thisisfem@gmail.com
thank you ♥

P.S: i still have some of the previous stickers left, if you'd like that sheet too, you can get it for a discounted price with the queer ones!


LET'S DANCE | ksk hanami

01: bae squad
02: domaci slivovice!!

03: a few minutes later i talked to some random people passing by

04: sexy in chives

05: oh hello

06: in bed w/ P

07: boyos playing Brazilian pop

08: M vs religion

09: we took this pics when i was peeing

10: peeps (can you notice Paula? ♥)

11: dirty dancers

12: we took this pics when i was peeing II

13: DJ Mirko / karaoke session

14: hi D!

15: me + R got brave enough to join the karaoke, then refused to sing but took a selfie at least

16: thank you M for all the beer

17: post-injury I

18: post-injury II / blood on my hand

last Friday, i went to PRG, collected all my friends and headed to Neone for KSK vol. 28 Hanami aka in the style of blooming sakura tree celebrations.

i wore a satin dressing gown as a kimono, my pals had permanent marker Hello Kitty tats.
we started by drinking P's homemade slivovice (i was sticking to beer only in fact) at M's place.
then moved to Neone, where the party was in full swing already, danced danced danced, i talked with many people outside despite being sorta underdressed, almost fell off a fence, went back in, almost took part in karaoke,...
and then, around 4 AM, someone tried to lift me up and swing me and it somehow didn't end up well and we fell and my head hit a corner and it, well, cracked.
and i bled for like one hour.
and got free nachos w/ guacamole as apology.

fun fun fun.